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What the crap??? Literally…. December 15, 2009

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Obviously, my blogging has fallen by the wayside since going back to work this fall.  Call me a laggart, call me lazy, call me a working mom, loving wife, teacher, etc. but hey…..shit happens.  Literally.

I really HAVE been squeezing in some workouts here and there.  Not as often as I’d like, but they have happened.  A balance is somewhat difficult to find, when you’re also trying to get to children’s sporting events, dances, etc.  And then there’s the above mentioned “shit happens”.

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed bubbling water standing in our yard.  Not a good sign, by any stretch of the imagination.  All the rain we had this fall led us to believe that something was going wrong with our drainfield.  So, we had a septic guy out to check our tank.  Our beautiful twenty year old cherry tree’s roots were growing down into the tank and distribution box.

Just when you’re paying real estate and personal property taxes (and of course, gearing up for a visit by the big guy in the red fur suit), you do NOT want to have to fork out money for septic issues.  OR have a favorite tree ripped up by the roots.  Our family Easter pictures were always taken out under that blooming tree.  Alas, the tree had to go, the roots pulled up, the tank cleaned out.  Voila.  Done deal.  Or so we thought.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of watching all the water (and I use the term very loosely) in all our pipes back up into our toilets, showers, tubs, etc.  All day yesterday we couldn’t use any water.  All today.  Poor hubby had to stay home from work and try to figure out what the crap was going on.  It’s a good thing he’s such a superman and handy man.  He dug up the distribution box.  No problem there.  Dug up the tank.  No worries.  He figured the blockage had to be between the tank and house.  Running a so-called “snake” into the pipe (don’t ask me specifics…I tried NOT to be involved at all), he discovered a total blockage just past the tank…..right where my beloved tree….used…to….be.  Hmmmm.  Digging down, he discovered that the machinery that pulled up my tree also managed to bust the main pipe leading to our house.

For close to two weeks now, we have unsuspectingly been showering, flushing, and washing to our heart’s content.  And then the pipe ran out of room.  Sigh.  Things are clean and back to normal, but it’s not an experience I’d want to relive any time soon. 

Since the next few days are going to be hectic in the extreme, I want to wish everyone who happens to stop by (and I don’t kid myself….I have been on so seldom it would be a wonder if anyone DOES read this!)…..a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  Blessings on you and yours…


Gotta Get the Hang of This!!! September 28, 2009

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Weekdays suck.  I get up, shower, get Madeline up (she leaves earlier than me or Mackenzie with Jeff), fix her breakfast, get the coffee ready, shoo her and Jeff out the door, get Mackenzie up, feed her…sometimes get to eat myself… get the idea.

Then, teach all day, stay after most days for Kenzie’s soccer practice, get home, start dinner, help her with homework if she has questions, we eat, Maddy and Jeff usually eat later when they come in, clean the kitchen, start at least one load of laundry….when the heck am I gonna squeeze in exercise?

I started out the way I intended to go on….working out about three days the first week, maybe two last week, this week…..nada.  Not one weekday.  I felt like such a failure!  Other people have children, work, home life, and they manage to squeeze in a short workout.  I feel run over by a Mack truck in the evenings.  Out of all week, I got in one good workout today…and Jeff browbeat me into it. 

Why is it so hard to motivate myself to get back into this?  I wanted to start work at school again…but I hate working out in the morning.  I already get up earlier than I need to, to make sure Maddy and Jeff have what they need as they head out the door.  The thought of getting up even EARLIER makes me want to hurl.  Definitely NOT a morning person.  That means I’ve GOT to make changes….I’ve GOT to get serious…or I’m going to gain weight over this winter.  Eck.


Back in the Saddle Again August 12, 2009

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saddleAs Jack Nicholson famously said, “I’m baaaaaack!”  After a few weeks off, I started back on some semblance of a workout routine this week.  So far, I have done the evil Jillian’s dvd, weightlifting, a 3 mile run/walk, and an hour power walk.  I have NOT begun tweaking my diet again.  I figured I would see how my body reacts to the activity once more, before I start torturing eating healthily again.

     One thing to note:  I had heard that if you take about two weeks off from exercise, it feels like starting all over again when you do resume.  And boy, was that rumor correct.  My first day back, I thought, “Oh, I won’t do an hour of walking/running/etc., I’ll just do a half hour or so.  Jillian’s tape is only about 25 min., so I’ll just do that.”  Sweet Lord.  The next day I sounded like cavewoman, grunting and groaning while moving about the house.  How could I have forgotten that bitch woman and her kickass approach to fitness???  The day after, I had to take off because of soreness.  Not a great re-entry into my routine.

     So far, I have not gotten back into working out every day, but I figure 4-5 days a week is a good start.  Once that becomes comfortable, I’ll have to start worrying about the diet (or I guess I should call it nutrition, not the D-word).  I have slid back into old (bad) habits that can easily derail the good I am doing with the exercise.  Picking at plates after the girls, eating on the road (hard to curtail THAT one, with volleyball practice every night from 6-8!), not having time to do some healthy grocery shopping…..all combine to make this another hurdle to overcome.

     My job begins in just a couple of weeks…..and I know I need to get a handle on this routine before getting back into the swing of lesson planning, grading papers, making school lunches, etc.  Once that starts, I will be “Back in the Saddle Again” in more ways than one!


Shi**y Shingles April 16, 2009

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  Are you kidding me?  The doc looks at me, and responds…..”No, I’m afraid you have a classic case of shingles. ”  (There follows a lengthy explanation of how the chicken pox virus stays in your body after you contract them as a youth, then reappears later as an adult to attack your nerve endings…yada, yada, yada) 

   Two prescriptions, $75 in meds and office copays, and 100% frustration later, I end up at home, seething.  I have a freaking excruciating painful rash…..right by my left boob no less…..shooting pains around my left side, encircling under my left arm pit, swollen lymph nodes in said arm pit….I just want to cry.  I was doing so well.  I am eating clean (er), exercising pretty much every day for at least an hour, usually more, and feeling great.  Then yet another hurdle to overcome.

  Why is it that just when things seem to be going great, life throws you a curveball?  Is there some great big cosmic joke out there that I’m not aware of?  I have several friends training for Ironman Lake Placid in July….and now a LOT of them are experiencing far worse maladies than I am dealing with.  Of course, there’s a lot of wear and tear on the body preparing for an IM (I don’t even compare my little workouts with all they do!), but I feel so badly that after all the hard work and dedication they’ve put into the race already, that they’re also going through injury/inflammation/chronic pain….etc.  It’s enough to make a grown woman cry.

  Honestly, I’ve had the shingles for over a week now.  I just have been a little on the manic depressed side, dealing with the pain, discomfort, and general crappiness of shingles, and haven’t really felt like posting.  BUT, since this is my blog about how I’m dealing with building this body into something a bit better than a middle aged, pudgy couch potato, I thought I would rant just a little bit about the unfairness of it all.

  I only stopped working out for two days….then right back into it.  Lifting was a little tough on that side, so at first I concentrated on exercises I could endure with just some discomfort (treadmill, elliptical, cycle, lower body weights)…then this week added back in upper body lifting and cardio that involved my arms more.  I really didn’t want to ditch all my hard work and blame it on yet another illness.  But I miss my power yoga…..I can’t quite hold those poses yet, though.  It will come.

  For now, I’m just happy I didn’t throw my hands up in defeat.  I conquered that horrendous awful upper respiratory virus a couple of months ago…..and worked my way back after regaining my strength.  Now, even though the shingles aren’t quite “conquered” yet, I feel better, and have a better outlook on getting back to normal workouts.  With Summer just around the corner, I still have that new bikini laid out and the promise of that tropical vacation to try to motivate me to not……give…….up!



How Can I Be Busy If I’m Not Working??? December 3, 2008

     As I look back over the last month or so, I am so proud of all I have accomplished.  But what bugs the hell out of me is what I haven’t.  I took off two years from work, ostensibly to do “stuff around the house” that hadn’t gotten done while working, taking care of my grandfather, doing his estate, being mommy, wife, etc.  Where does the time go?  I have done some of the things on my “to do” list.  I had said that while I was taking some time off from work, I would go back on some kind of fitness routine.  Done.  I had said I was going to clean out my closets.  Done–but whaddayaknow, the darn things are cluttered again.  I had said I was going to clean out all the things my grandfather had left me–just stuffed in the attic–and display those antiques and heirlooms that needed to be shown.  Not.  Ditto for some of my cabinets.  Not done.

     How the heck can I stay so busy when I am no longer working full-time, running children to Hanover for swimming practice, or doing the executorship of granddad’s estate???  Where in the world did I get the energy to keep doing all that, while suffering from insomnia at the same time?  Now I am not working, sleeping way better, but the day just seems to get away from me.  And no, I don’t paint my nails or eat bon-bons, either. 

    Yesterday I had a new granite bathroom vanity top, painted sink, and bronze faucet installed.  Today I cleaned major clutter off my kitchen countertops (where the heck does all that stuff come from?).  I hope I can get some semblance of Christmas decor up without using the out-of-commission-thanks-to-ankle-surgery hubby.  This year we may be looking at mantlepiece decorations and a half decorated tree (it’s ten feet tall, and even on a chair….well, you get the picture).  Hubby does all the major outdoor decorations, so not much will be going on outside this year. 

     The last two days, I didn’t even get a workout in.  Bad me.  I really wanted to try and squeeze one in Monday evening, but ran out of steam.  Yesterday, between taking Jeff to the doctor and being home in time to get the girls off the bus, I got in a little Christmas shopping  (Yep, way behind on that, too).  Today, I am determined that I will get in some kind of a workout…even if it’s no cardio–which I have been trying to do more of.  Dinner’s in the slow-cooker, so hopefully this afternoon the girls will be self-sufficient so I can have my “me” time.  Home gym, here I come.


One Compliment is Worth a Thousand Lunges September 22, 2008

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   Have you ever had one of those days where, no matter how much you try, nothing seems to go right?  I get so tired of trying to wear the multipurpose hat:  mom, wife, laundress, chauffeur, housekeeper (yeah, I drop that hat alot!), judge, sexpot (my husband loves that hat) etc. etc. etc.  I was feeling pretty overwhelmed recently.  I didn’t get the workouts in this weekend that I wanted to.  I didn’t cook the meals I wanted to.  I didn’t get in my run.  But something happened that I will probably return to again and again when I need a little pick me up.  A total stranger driving a bus stopped and opened the doors.  (Okay, I know what you’re thinking…perv!!)  But no, this was a female bus driver I had seen around.  She stopped and said something to me that I will pull out and feel good over for a long time.  She told me she had seen me the day before, and wanted me to know that she thought I had the tannest, most muscular legs she had ever seen; she just wanted to stop and let me know.  She asked me if I worked out all the time to look like that.  Well!  I wish I could say no, that I was genetically blessed like that, but I didn’t.  I said thank you so much, and yes, I do have to work out a lot.  She made my whole weekend.  I don’t usually speak to strangers, but I am so glad that I walked over to hear what she had to say.  The next time I am doing those effing lunges, I will remember my new mantra:  One compliment is worth a thousand lunges!