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More Random Stuff… February 5, 2010

Okay, I really wanna punch Puxatawney Phil in his fat little furry face, and say “Enough, already!”  Please.   Estimated 8 more inches today. 

There is not enough wine in the world to compensate when your husband is home with you on a snowy weekend.  Visions of snuggles, romantic dinners, candlelight, etc…..out the window.  Mr. Type A was into laundry, dishes, softball drills, working out like a banshee brandishing a whip.  His new name is “Cleaning Nazi”.  Because he makes US do it. 

As per the banshee-induced workouts….it was my own damn fault.  Last time I try to do the right thing and buy that boy some new cycling dvds so he doesn’t get “bored” with his spinning routine.    He also doesn’t like working out alone.  READ:  I really wanna vomit on this bicycle, but I know who’ll have to clean it up!  (See Cleaning Nazi comment above)

Biggest Loser started this week at my school.  I’m in charge.  I do the weigh ins.  Talk about temptation.  It’s not the chocolate, wine, or martinis I’m talking, either.  It’s the temptation that I’m the ONLY one who knows ten people’s weights.  And some of them aren’t all that pretty.  Just saying.  Treat me NICE….

Speaking of Biggest Loser….my weight for the weigh in yesterday was the best of the bunch!!!  I was happy.  BUT…it’s kinda scary weighing in your clothes, after school, after eating and drinking all day.  The number was a bit higher than what I’m used to seeing in the morning.  But I guess it’s all relative.  I will be weighing every time under those circumstances, so better get used to it!

I may just head to that tropical island yet…..I’m not giving up.  Hopefully the Biggest Loser competition will tickle my competitive bone into finally getting rid of these last few pounds.  Fingers crossed.  Now, I’ve got to go get ready to work out.  “Workout Nazi” is on his way home, and he’s already called to say he wants me to do the cycling workout with him when he arrives.  Better go grab a barf bag…..


My “WILL NOT” Resolutions…. January 13, 2010

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Not Too Shabby…. January 8, 2010

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     Soooooo……how did the first week of 2010 go for you?  We’re one week in, and I have to say I did better than I WAS doing at the end of 2009.  I’ve gotten in three workouts (will be four today since I’m OFF from school!), so that’s progress.  I need to do some running around for the girls tomorrow, but there’s hope for another one squeezed in tomorrow afternoon.

     Nutritionally, my appetite has been off this week…..way off.  Totally unusual for me, the girl who can eat through good moods or bad.  I really haven’t felt like eating much of anything.  Don’t know what’s up with that, but I know I’m not sick, cuz it didn’t put a dent in my total vino consumption.  I’ve nibbled cheese and olives, pita chips and stuff like that, but sitting down to a plate of food?  I sit and it just looks unappetizing.  Oh well, better enjoy it while I can.

     Lots of illnesses are floating around my school at the moment, so my next greatest hope is staying well so that I CAN continue as I started off 2010.  There’s nothing more sucky than getting in a good routine of working out, cutting back on food, then coming down with something that knocks you for a loop for a week or more.  Looking back over my 2009 posts, that happened a couple of times to me, and it took me awhile to get back on track.  So, fingers crossed to ward off evil germs.

     All in all, not too shabby of a start to the new year.  I’m not weighing….just sayin’….I hate those numbers.  Here’s hoping I can gauge my success on looser pants in the coming week.  How has YOUR year started off?


Taking Time Off June 30, 2009

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I suppose you have figured out by now that I have not been posting updates for awhile.  Call it burn out, call it fatigue, call it hypothyroidism (yup, have that, too), call it two daughters on five collective softball teams…and you have what’s happened to my diet and workout regime.  For now, I’m not sweating it (literally!), but I have let two pounds creep back on.  It’s amazing to me that I can stop all working out, still drink my wine, not be such a beast about my diet, and the only difference is two pounds.  Makes one think.

Anyway, until my girls are done with All Star season (at least two more weeks of nightly games/practices), I am not going to be worrying about it.  Until I’m back on–and taking myself seriously again–I will be limiting my work outs to helping tote softball equipment back and forth to ballparks, and splashing about in my pool.  Hope everyone has a glorious 4th weekend!!!


March Madness March 9, 2009

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     I hate March. There I’ve said it. It’s my least favorite month of the year, for several reasons.  First and foremost are the memories it brings back.  Yesterday, March 8th, was the fifteenth anniversary of my son’s death.  I can feel myself tensing up each year as March rolls around.  I doubt that will ever change.

     Another reason March is on my shit list is the crappy weather.  And wasn’t that obvious this year?  A famous anecdote associated with March is that it “comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.”  March 1st, our house was smothered in a foot of snow.  Lion?  More like a freakin’ Tasmanian Devil.  At least “the lamb” showed up a few days later, with a beauteous weekend with 70+ degree temps. 

     March is also traditionally the month that I get the sickest.  And once again, that proved true this first week.  Gotta love those upper respiratory viruses…I won’t call it a cold ‘cuz it went beyond that.  It felt like the flu, only without the body aches and temp.  I missed a week of working out, and am only resuming today because I can finally breathe without feeling like I’m going to pass out.  It’s still gorgeous out, so looks like I’m headed out for a long fast-paced walk…maybe sprinkled with a few minutes of running in between.  It all depends on how quickly the bod is able to recoup after the week of illness.

     March is also the start of my hair pulling time of year….spring school sports vying with travel softball AND little league.  My day planner looks like my mommy time has just gone on hiatus.  Luckily I can get my house chores (can we all say “yuck”?) and workouts in while the kiddos are in school, ‘cuz after school it’s go, go, go until bedtime. 

     Aaaah, March.  Wonder if I can start a petition to have it wiped off the calendar?  Can we just start spring in February or April?  That’ll give me something to ponder as I head out for my walk/run.


Illness and Working Out March 4, 2009

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     I. Am. A. Slug. It’s official. I am a whiny baby when it comes to being ill.  I don’t like being sick, I don’t function well when my throat feels like I’ve swallowed broken glass, I don’t want to even THINK  about cardio when I can’t breathe freely without panting.  I just want to lay here and wallow in my own misery.

     My husband quite helpfully pointed out that I would feel much better if I would just get in the workout room and put in a good hour or so.  I had a hand gesture that I think made my point without me having to say a word in my gravelly, nasally, plugged up voice.  ‘Nuff said, honey?

     As of today, I haven’t worked out since last Thursday.  Today makes it a full week of no exercise, other than meandering through the house looking for yet more tissues.  I feel tired, deflated, and a little irritated that I was doing so well, only to be felled by a little microscopic germ.  I can’t even muster up any enthusiasm for looking forward to exercising…as I know it will be hard (almost like starting all over again…ugh!)  Anyone who has ever gotten over the flu or other lengthy illness knows what I’m talking about.  Two or three days is easy to make up for…a week is like a kick in the seat of your pants.  And not in a good way.

     Hopefully I will be back in somewhat of a routine by this weekend.  Maybe not one and a half hour workouts yet, but then again, I REALLY don’t want to suffer any setbacks.  One lengthy illness per season is enough!

My pharmacy, I mean counter top!

My pharmacy, I mean counter top!