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My “WILL NOT” Resolutions…. January 13, 2010

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Good News! December 20, 2008

     Okay, ladies, hold on to your hats (or maybe more apropos, your bikinis/cycle shorts).  I just had to share some good news with you that I recently got out of my January edition of “Women’s Fitness” Magazine.  Quoting The Journal of Nutrition, feast your eyes on these two tidbits….

     You should eat 1.5 special dark Hershey’s kisses daily to combat heart disease.  Yippee!  Free license to eat a little chocolate daily.  And it’s been documented in a study.  How cool is that?  But that’s not all.

     Personally, I’m a white wine lover at heart.  But most of my buddies partake of the red fruit of the vine.  Here’s good news for them.  A study found that a new pill containing red wine’s heart healthy properties–namely antioxidants and fiber (you heard me, fiber!)–was more effective than oats in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol!  A glass a day is recommended to keep those numbers down. 

     Now that I’ve made the day of every red-blooded female reading this post, I’d like to say that I will most likely be a non-posting recluse until after the big guy in the red suit visits.  So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Wine is a Food Group September 19, 2008

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Today was a so-so day for the bodybuilding diet.  I DID stick to my low carb regimen.  It is a little difficult to do when two of the meals are eaten out.  Lunch today was with a friend at an Italian restaurant on Nuckols Road.  I was pretty good–a chicken and antipasto salad with vinaigrette.  Nothing but meat, cheese, and veggies.  The problem with restaurant food, however, is I’m pretty sure that their mozzarella is NOT the lowfat, part-skim brand that I use.  Then, my daughter’s soccer team won their first game of the season against their long-term rivals.  The team decided to go out for…..Italian!  Back into another Italian bistro to try to dodge the food bullet.  This time I ate veal and sauteed spinach (which was darn good, yet swimming in olive oil–healthy fat, right?)  The bread basket passed.  I declined, even though they are known for their homemade yeast rolls.  Everyone else was dabbing and dipping, but not Denise.  I stayed true to my diet, and had no complex carbs.  I had a glass of pino grigio with the meal, but wine is made from grapes, right?  A friend told me on the phone tonight (thanks, Lynn, you are SO wise) that that counts as a fruit.  I’ll go one step further–wine is its own food group.  And I, for one, must partake daily to survive hormonal, thirteen year old female children.