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Gotta Get the Hang of This!!! September 28, 2009

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Weekdays suck.  I get up, shower, get Madeline up (she leaves earlier than me or Mackenzie with Jeff), fix her breakfast, get the coffee ready, shoo her and Jeff out the door, get Mackenzie up, feed her…sometimes get to eat myself… get the idea.

Then, teach all day, stay after most days for Kenzie’s soccer practice, get home, start dinner, help her with homework if she has questions, we eat, Maddy and Jeff usually eat later when they come in, clean the kitchen, start at least one load of laundry….when the heck am I gonna squeeze in exercise?

I started out the way I intended to go on….working out about three days the first week, maybe two last week, this week…..nada.  Not one weekday.  I felt like such a failure!  Other people have children, work, home life, and they manage to squeeze in a short workout.  I feel run over by a Mack truck in the evenings.  Out of all week, I got in one good workout today…and Jeff browbeat me into it. 

Why is it so hard to motivate myself to get back into this?  I wanted to start work at school again…but I hate working out in the morning.  I already get up earlier than I need to, to make sure Maddy and Jeff have what they need as they head out the door.  The thought of getting up even EARLIER makes me want to hurl.  Definitely NOT a morning person.  That means I’ve GOT to make changes….I’ve GOT to get serious…or I’m going to gain weight over this winter.  Eck.