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Taking Time Off June 30, 2009

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I suppose you have figured out by now that I have not been posting updates for awhile.  Call it burn out, call it fatigue, call it hypothyroidism (yup, have that, too), call it two daughters on five collective softball teams…and you have what’s happened to my diet and workout regime.  For now, I’m not sweating it (literally!), but I have let two pounds creep back on.  It’s amazing to me that I can stop all working out, still drink my wine, not be such a beast about my diet, and the only difference is two pounds.  Makes one think.

Anyway, until my girls are done with All Star season (at least two more weeks of nightly games/practices), I am not going to be worrying about it.  Until I’m back on–and taking myself seriously again–I will be limiting my work outs to helping tote softball equipment back and forth to ballparks, and splashing about in my pool.  Hope everyone has a glorious 4th weekend!!!