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Not the Biggest Loser…. March 4, 2010

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How hard can it be to lose 7-8 pounds?  Apparently pretty hard for me.  So far I’ve only lost a couple of pounds at my biggest loser challenge at school.  Others seem to be dropping 2-3 weekly.  I know it’s because I don’t have a lot to lose, but STILL….

I’ve been exercising at least 4-5 times a week…still hard while maintaining my work and the girls’ sports schedules.  I have been eating pretty well….watching my calorie intake, eating the right foods, and only indulging in 1 glass of wine a night.  (Welllll…..except for last night out with the ladies where I had a super margarita and a glass of sangria…..) But a half a pound only came off this week.  Blah.

Now, the hubby (aka Workout Nazi) says tonight has to be a killer workout since I didn’t lose my promised pound a week “goal”.  Double blah.  Only someone with the metabolism of a stoked furnace could be so blase’ about an hour plus workout after a day of dealing with 10-11 year olds.  “Not looking forward to it” is the understatement of the year.

But, at least it’s a half pound in the right direction.  I REALLY have to maintain my focus this week, because I have four young ladies in my classes that belong to the local Girl Scout troop.  And it’s……COOKIE TIME!  I sure know how to pick when to start dieting, don’t I?  My youngest is sitting in the floor right now having a “snack” of Thin Mints and milk.  I just drank a chocolate protein shake in prep of the proposed evening workout.  Here’s hoping that will stave off those cookie cravings……yeah, right.


More Random Stuff… February 5, 2010

Okay, I really wanna punch Puxatawney Phil in his fat little furry face, and say “Enough, already!”  Please.   Estimated 8 more inches today. 

There is not enough wine in the world to compensate when your husband is home with you on a snowy weekend.  Visions of snuggles, romantic dinners, candlelight, etc…..out the window.  Mr. Type A was into laundry, dishes, softball drills, working out like a banshee brandishing a whip.  His new name is “Cleaning Nazi”.  Because he makes US do it. 

As per the banshee-induced workouts….it was my own damn fault.  Last time I try to do the right thing and buy that boy some new cycling dvds so he doesn’t get “bored” with his spinning routine.    He also doesn’t like working out alone.  READ:  I really wanna vomit on this bicycle, but I know who’ll have to clean it up!  (See Cleaning Nazi comment above)

Biggest Loser started this week at my school.  I’m in charge.  I do the weigh ins.  Talk about temptation.  It’s not the chocolate, wine, or martinis I’m talking, either.  It’s the temptation that I’m the ONLY one who knows ten people’s weights.  And some of them aren’t all that pretty.  Just saying.  Treat me NICE….

Speaking of Biggest Loser….my weight for the weigh in yesterday was the best of the bunch!!!  I was happy.  BUT…it’s kinda scary weighing in your clothes, after school, after eating and drinking all day.  The number was a bit higher than what I’m used to seeing in the morning.  But I guess it’s all relative.  I will be weighing every time under those circumstances, so better get used to it!

I may just head to that tropical island yet…..I’m not giving up.  Hopefully the Biggest Loser competition will tickle my competitive bone into finally getting rid of these last few pounds.  Fingers crossed.  Now, I’ve got to go get ready to work out.  “Workout Nazi” is on his way home, and he’s already called to say he wants me to do the cycling workout with him when he arrives.  Better go grab a barf bag…..


A Recent (Short) Update May 12, 2009

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   I apologize to those who have asked me where I’ve been the last couple of weeks.  Blame it on my facebook addiction.  Everytime I come near the computer to update my blog, my fingers seem to steer me to facebook instead.  Then after checking friend updates, playing Mafia Wars, reading my notifications, etc.  I realize a couple of hours have passed.  Oh well.  I will try to do better!

    Not much to post recently, which is another reason I have neglected to worry overmuch about blog posting.  I have been eating well, exercising when time permits (which during softball season is NOT as often as I did during the winter months), but oddly enough, I am either tightening up or maintaining.  Part of that may be due to the fact that I visited my doctor who confirmed that my thyroid is indeed acting up again (I wondered why dieting and 1-2 hours of exercising daily was having no effect!).  She put me back on my thyroid medication, and once again my efforts are being rewarded.

    Other than that, as I said earlier,  I have recently acquired Jillian’s (of the Biggest Loser fame) workout dvd entitled, “30 Day Shred”.  My oh my.  Even avid exercisers will be challenged by this one.  I first thought, a twenty minute workout????  Big deal.  Well, after day one, I was begging for mercy.  (See the dvd description two posts ago).  I am now at only Level 2, and it still kicks my butt.  Of course, you are supposed to do it everyday and you will advance throught the levels quicker, but I also enjoy things like power yoga and just weight days, so it’s taking me longer.

    So there it is–not much happening in Denise World.  One kudo for myself though….I am now within 3 1/2 pounds of my goal.  And believe it or not, my fourteen year old daughter only weighs 7 pounds less than me!!!  Stay tuned….hopefully by this summer and opening our pool I will be brave enough to post that bikini picture.