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Not the Biggest Loser…. March 4, 2010

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How hard can it be to lose 7-8 pounds?  Apparently pretty hard for me.  So far I’ve only lost a couple of pounds at my biggest loser challenge at school.  Others seem to be dropping 2-3 weekly.  I know it’s because I don’t have a lot to lose, but STILL….

I’ve been exercising at least 4-5 times a week…still hard while maintaining my work and the girls’ sports schedules.  I have been eating pretty well….watching my calorie intake, eating the right foods, and only indulging in 1 glass of wine a night.  (Welllll…..except for last night out with the ladies where I had a super margarita and a glass of sangria…..) But a half a pound only came off this week.  Blah.

Now, the hubby (aka Workout Nazi) says tonight has to be a killer workout since I didn’t lose my promised pound a week “goal”.  Double blah.  Only someone with the metabolism of a stoked furnace could be so blase’ about an hour plus workout after a day of dealing with 10-11 year olds.  “Not looking forward to it” is the understatement of the year.

But, at least it’s a half pound in the right direction.  I REALLY have to maintain my focus this week, because I have four young ladies in my classes that belong to the local Girl Scout troop.  And it’s……COOKIE TIME!  I sure know how to pick when to start dieting, don’t I?  My youngest is sitting in the floor right now having a “snack” of Thin Mints and milk.  I just drank a chocolate protein shake in prep of the proposed evening workout.  Here’s hoping that will stave off those cookie cravings……yeah, right.


5 Responses to “Not the Biggest Loser….”

  1. kate o Says:

    Joe and I were considering running together this evening, but instead are sitting quietly, enjoying a glass of wine and the paper/computer and contemplating dinner. Tell the Nazi hello!

  2. dwyatt64 Says:

    The Nazi and I compromised and did a one hour workout, then I fixed a new Denise recipe…..Grown Up Grilled Cheese. Pretty good, if I do say so. Wheat bread w/ lowfat provolone, sauteed red bell peppers, mushrooms and onions, and grilled in a pan with Pam. YUM. Oh…..and wine, of course!

  3. noe noe girl Says:

    Girl, I am so proud of you for just working out! And have you considered that you do not have any weight to loose? I think you look great! It’s a good thing I am not a fan of GS cookies.
    Cross your fingers they have my thyriod meds right this time. I promise there are abs underneath this belly fat of mine!

  4. dwyatt64 Says:

    Awwww….I love you, Noe Noe….. 🙂

  5. melissa Says:

    June 20th.
    you, me, a bottle of wine (no milk needed), a box of thin mints, a box of do-si-dos, and hell may as well throw in a box of trefoils, too.

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