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Not Too Shabby…. January 8, 2010

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     Soooooo……how did the first week of 2010 go for you?  We’re one week in, and I have to say I did better than I WAS doing at the end of 2009.  I’ve gotten in three workouts (will be four today since I’m OFF from school!), so that’s progress.  I need to do some running around for the girls tomorrow, but there’s hope for another one squeezed in tomorrow afternoon.

     Nutritionally, my appetite has been off this week…..way off.  Totally unusual for me, the girl who can eat through good moods or bad.  I really haven’t felt like eating much of anything.  Don’t know what’s up with that, but I know I’m not sick, cuz it didn’t put a dent in my total vino consumption.  I’ve nibbled cheese and olives, pita chips and stuff like that, but sitting down to a plate of food?  I sit and it just looks unappetizing.  Oh well, better enjoy it while I can.

     Lots of illnesses are floating around my school at the moment, so my next greatest hope is staying well so that I CAN continue as I started off 2010.  There’s nothing more sucky than getting in a good routine of working out, cutting back on food, then coming down with something that knocks you for a loop for a week or more.  Looking back over my 2009 posts, that happened a couple of times to me, and it took me awhile to get back on track.  So, fingers crossed to ward off evil germs.

     All in all, not too shabby of a start to the new year.  I’m not weighing….just sayin’….I hate those numbers.  Here’s hoping I can gauge my success on looser pants in the coming week.  How has YOUR year started off?


7 Responses to “Not Too Shabby….”

  1. noe noe girl Says:

    You go stuff! Keep it up. I have been sticking to my 2 one mile daily walks 4 to 5 times a week. I now have a AB workout I am doing to see if I can do some serious damage to this belly fat. GAH! Ask me in June how it went! MUWAH!
    ps- we gotta do a girls night soon.

  2. dwyatt64 Says:

    When is the next ladies church night? Are we shooting for Wed. nights?
    As for the AB workout, the best thing ever is to hold the plank position….hurts like heck after about a minute, but it WORKS!

    • noe noe girl Says:

      Yes, we are shooting for Wed. nights but as usual I am lost on which one! I’ll find out and let you know.
      And I’ll give that plank position a try. Thanks!
      Try to stay warm and cootie free!

  3. Haven’t made much effort this week. Work has kicked my tail, and I’ve been more interested in going home to hit the wine!!

    Next week is looking better;)

  4. dwyatt64 Says:

    I prefer to tell Jeff I “lifted weights”…..12 oz. at a time! lol

  5. TRIgirl40 Says:

    Great start to 2010! Feels good to get back to some healthier choices! Looking forward to seeing you more in the New Year!

  6. dwyatt64 Says:

    Hope so, DB, haven’t seen you in….forever…..can’t wait to meet your new family member! 🙂

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