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Shi**y Shingles April 16, 2009

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  Are you kidding me?  The doc looks at me, and responds…..”No, I’m afraid you have a classic case of shingles. ”  (There follows a lengthy explanation of how the chicken pox virus stays in your body after you contract them as a youth, then reappears later as an adult to attack your nerve endings…yada, yada, yada) 

   Two prescriptions, $75 in meds and office copays, and 100% frustration later, I end up at home, seething.  I have a freaking excruciating painful rash…..right by my left boob no less…..shooting pains around my left side, encircling under my left arm pit, swollen lymph nodes in said arm pit….I just want to cry.  I was doing so well.  I am eating clean (er), exercising pretty much every day for at least an hour, usually more, and feeling great.  Then yet another hurdle to overcome.

  Why is it that just when things seem to be going great, life throws you a curveball?  Is there some great big cosmic joke out there that I’m not aware of?  I have several friends training for Ironman Lake Placid in July….and now a LOT of them are experiencing far worse maladies than I am dealing with.  Of course, there’s a lot of wear and tear on the body preparing for an IM (I don’t even compare my little workouts with all they do!), but I feel so badly that after all the hard work and dedication they’ve put into the race already, that they’re also going through injury/inflammation/chronic pain….etc.  It’s enough to make a grown woman cry.

  Honestly, I’ve had the shingles for over a week now.  I just have been a little on the manic depressed side, dealing with the pain, discomfort, and general crappiness of shingles, and haven’t really felt like posting.  BUT, since this is my blog about how I’m dealing with building this body into something a bit better than a middle aged, pudgy couch potato, I thought I would rant just a little bit about the unfairness of it all.

  I only stopped working out for two days….then right back into it.  Lifting was a little tough on that side, so at first I concentrated on exercises I could endure with just some discomfort (treadmill, elliptical, cycle, lower body weights)…then this week added back in upper body lifting and cardio that involved my arms more.  I really didn’t want to ditch all my hard work and blame it on yet another illness.  But I miss my power yoga…..I can’t quite hold those poses yet, though.  It will come.

  For now, I’m just happy I didn’t throw my hands up in defeat.  I conquered that horrendous awful upper respiratory virus a couple of months ago…..and worked my way back after regaining my strength.  Now, even though the shingles aren’t quite “conquered” yet, I feel better, and have a better outlook on getting back to normal workouts.  With Summer just around the corner, I still have that new bikini laid out and the promise of that tropical vacation to try to motivate me to not……give…….up!



8 Responses to “Shi**y Shingles”

  1. SusieQ Says:

    Darn illnesses and injuries!!

  2. dwyatt64 Says:

    I know…I feel like such a whiner compared to you, Fave, Deanna L, et. al. At least mine will be over and done in 3-4 weeks!

  3. Noe Noe Girl Says:

    I have heard how crappy shingles can be.
    You go girl! I am proud of you for hanging in there!
    And more proud that you will be sporting a bikini this year!
    Look out Valerie!

  4. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    Ugh, Shingles are miserable. I am so sorry. Hope you are feeling better soon – and you’ll be back to your toughworkouts in no time. Rest and take care for now, though!

  5. CJ Says:

    So sorry to hear of your pain and frustration. Hope it’s on the quicker side of a case rather than the longer side. I’m impressed with your ability to carry on!

  6. julia Says:

    you dont know me but I know tgkateO.
    I had shingles a while back and yes it sucks-sounds like your nerve distrbution is the same as mine was-bra line or about T6.
    it gets better but I would workout and then just CRY bc showering hurt so much. Take care and be gratteful it wasn’t a Cervical nerve path-that’s no good near your eyes:(

    • dwyatt64 Says:

      Hi Julia! Nice to meet you here in cyberworld! Yes, the braline was painful. I felt like I was a bra burner from the 60s. No bra for a week and a half. I started wearing one again yesterday, and I’m surprised that no one has commented that my bust has miraculously deflated and now reinflated again! Thank God for the push up!

  7. Deanna L Says:

    The shingles are awful. Sorry to read that you have them. Glad to read that you are perserverring. Hope they clear up soon! Missed you at book club.

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