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Random Thoughts… March 23, 2009

I really haven’t been obsessing on any one piece of material for a new post, but here are some “random thoughts”.

After visiting a pal in Florida (and honestly, the older I get), a second home in warm, sunny FL is looking mighty good!

As for the above vacation, let me just say I totally pigged out.  The bodybuilding diet went out the window.  My friend, Angie, and her hubby help run a seafood restaurant in FL.  I consumed my weight in fried scallops (yes, you read that correctly, I said FRIED), shrimp quesadillas, blackened mahi mahi, shrimp skewers,  etc.  And don’t even get me started on the pina coladas, parrot heads, et. al….

My Drink of Choice

My Drink of Choice

Upon returning home, I was thrilled to discover I’d won the Gracie’s Gear tank I advertised on my last post (from my cyber pal rundmt’s site).  Imagine my chagrin when I thought, hmmmm, now that means I actually have to run to work off this last week’s calories!

Speaking of running, a hale and hearty congrats go out to my buddy Kim for completing the Shamrock 8K after suffering a stress fracture in her lower leg bone this winter.  She posted a blazing 47 min. and change.  And then there’s her hubby, Tracy, who ran his first marathon Sunday (also the Shamrock) in an awesome 4:13.  My hat is off to the athletic sweethearts!  (And yes, I grumble, now that is motivating me to get off my keister and run myself!)

More randomness….huge hugs and kisses to my girls.  Maddy Kaye got accepted right before Spring Break to the coveted Maggie Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies (now that’s a mouthful!) where she will start attending High School this fall.  Very difficult to get in…and momma is proud to say she was the top student accepted from our county this year!  And little Mackenzie came out this past weekend and pitched a game and a half to help lead her team to second place at their softball tournament.  Big Daddy was so proud I thought he would bust!

Final random thought for the day…if you haven’t gotten on facebook yet, get ‘er done.  I have had a blast catching up with pals I don’t see often, as well as old friends from high school.   The trouble is, I find myself chatting too often, playing games like Mafia Wars (totally addictive) and Celebrity Agent, and ignoring the laundry.  Not a bad trade off, I say.

The scene of my diet demise, Pop's Sunset Grill.

The scene of my diet demise, Pop's Sunset Grill.


3 Responses to “Random Thoughts…”

  1. Noe Noe Girl Says:

    Sounds like my kind of vacation! Yummy on the seafood.
    Tell Maddy how proud I am of her! Awesome job.

    I started my winter lazy butt back on my walking routine today. I have been such a slacker. Shame on me =(

    I am new on Facebook and it gives me a headache. Maybe I need some lessons. You know a good teacher?

  2. It really hurt my feelings that I was not invited to go to Florida with you. Couldn’t you SEE how ghastly WHITE I was??? You can just invite me over for scallops, and all will be forgiven…


  3. SusieQ Says:

    No dieting on vacation!

    Congrats to your cutie-pie girls for all of their wonderful achievements. 🙂

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