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Washington D.C., Wizards, and Obama March 1, 2009

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    Yesterday was a total blast.  We left town about 11:30 and headed to D.C. for Madeline (my 13 year-old) to play the opening basketball game at the Verizon Center for the Washington Wizards/Chicago Bulls game.  Upon arrival, security was running amok…we discovered that Obama was due back in town and was planning on attending that night’s game!  After heading through the Press Entrance, we had all our purses, bags, backpacks, etc. searched, and went through a metal detector.  Finally, we were in!

     The kids headed off to the locker rooms…while parents got to sit at center court and wait for the game to begin.  Our school, Aylett Country Day, was playing Chesapeake Academy.  Chesapeake’s coach, Cynthia, had won a contest and the prize was this game.  The kids were psyched!

The girls huddle up before the game.

The girls huddle up before the game.

     The game started, and our girls were on!  My Madeline didn’t start, but she came in after about five minutes.  She is a little feisty, and had several scrambles for jumpballs!  The game rolled along, and Aylett played well offensively and defensively.

Get that ball, girl!

Get that ball, girl!

     Aylett girls came out on top, but our boys lost to Chesapeake.  We still had lots of fun, and the kids got to know one another well.  We left for about an hour to grab a bite to eat at Fuddrucker’s (don’t even get me started on the burger I ate for dinner!) then headed back to the Verizon Center.  The Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls were warming up, and excitement was in the air that the pres was going to show up. 


Love the remote control flying dirigible!

Love the remote control flying dirigible!

     The players assembled on the court, and suddenly Secret Service were everywhere at the far corner of the court.  People jumped up and started cheering and clapping.  HE had arrived.  I knew that he was expected to sit on one of the chairs right on the court, and he did…right at the corner.  I assume he needed a fast exit in case of trouble.  But boy, did his seat suck.  Spectators paraded past him nonstop, just to get a glimpse.  Someone had to constantly stand up and position themselves between him and the person walking by.  I can’t imagine he saw much of the game that way!

Sorry it's grainy, but it's a zoom shot!

Sorry it's grainy, but it's a zoom shot!


     Washington played an awesome game (especially my man, Antawn Jamison with 25+ points!)  and they came out on top, 113-90. 

Antawn takes a foul shot.

Antawn takes a foul shot.

     We had a great time, with great people, and made great memories.  Madeline will never forget her time on a professional court, Mackenzie made it on the jumbotron, and I got lots of pictures to document it all.  Life is good.


3 Responses to “Washington D.C., Wizards, and Obama”

  1. SusieQ Says:

    cool pictures – and cool trip!

  2. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    Way cool!!!! Looks like an amazing experience for Madeline – playing in such a large venue – and kickin’ some butt, too. Tell her congrats. And look at you, taking pics of Obama! 🙂

  3. CJ Says:

    Incredibly cool event on so many levels. I bet the girls haven’t come down from it yet.

    You’ve had a hell of a few months – hobknobbing (sort of anyway) with a VP candidate and now the prez himself??

    I can say I knew you when…

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