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Party Pooper Plateau January 27, 2009

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    Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Just when I am getting very excited about nearing my goal, the dreaded plateau stalls my efforts.  After the holidays, I tweaked my diet some (some things had wormed their way in there that should have stayed far, far away from my lips….and hips!) and began exercising six days a week.  Sunday was my rest day, and if I decided to have a little “cheat”, that’s the day I decided to do it.  Now it appears that I am going to have to give up my cheat day…and I am pissed not looking forward to that!

      The hubby, of course, tells me that I cheat every day, because I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.  My comeback is that, if women in France can do it and still look stick thin, then why can’t I???  Everything that I’ve read says that one glass of wine a day is certainly a better selection, calorie wise, than a cocktail, not to mention tons of reports that say red wine is extremely healthy and full of antioxidants. 

     So, how to bust through the damned  dreaded plateau?  Looks like now I will be revving up my workouts.  My hubby (who is, unbeknownst to me, my coach?) says the only way to do that is to work out twice a day.  Twice??  Are you kidding me?   And here I thought I was doing so well at six days a week.  I think, for now, that I will pick the two days a week that a friend comes over to work out in my home gym (her office is doing a Biggest Loser competition with a $1100 pot!).  That way, I can get my cardio in the morning, and lift weights with her in the evening.  Nothing like a partner waiting for you to help motivate you to get with the program!

     Who knows?  I may yet see that Caribbean island vacation I was promised at the end of this journey.  And hopefully, have a trim bod in a swimsuit to grace the beach!

     Any thoughts out there on busting through a plateau without working out twice a day????  (Or giving up my wine?)


7 Responses to “Party Pooper Plateau”

  1. Run DMT Says:

    I feel your pain, girl. I got nothing for you.

  2. SusieQ Says:

    I’d never give up the wine….

  3. kate o Says:

    The things I hate most about the 2-a-day wkouts are the extra laundry it creates (2x’s the dirty clothes) and extra time to get cleaned up (2x’s the showering, hair washing, and blowdrying). Why bother with either? Just stay stinky, in the stinky clothes…but then folks at the grocery store look at you funny and keep their distance.

    Oh, and I second what Susie says–never give up the wine. It’s what keeps us sane.

  4. TRIgirl40 Says:

    The wine is stress relief – and you know what they say about stress and weight gain.

    I’ve heard that changing your workout every 6-8 weeks helps to prevent your body from “adjusting” – different exercises, intensities, etc.

  5. dwyatt64 Says:

    As I sit here sipping my wine (no, not giving it up), I agree with all the above. I hate laundry (not doing it twice a day), hate not having wine (chug a lug), so I guess I’m following Deanna’s advice….change it up. I DID start power yoga, so I guess I now need to check out a new workout. Maybe I can find a bellydancing dvd (Jeff would approve)!

  6. Chris Says:

    Ah, the dreaded plateau. I think that’s where I’m at now too with the treadmill. Warmer weather is right around the corner however and that means I can run outdoors again. I agree with changing your workout, but sometimes it’s not always easy. Hang in there. You look great and like everyone else, I agree with not giving up the wine.

    • dwyatt64 Says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my blog! I also run or walk on the treadmill, and you’re right….it’s easy to get into a plateau. I try varying the speed and incline, but it’s not the same as the great outdoors. I did change my workout a bit (more crosstraining), and lost two more pounds! And that was definitely WITH the wine. 😉

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