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I Love (My Body Hates) the Holidays December 16, 2008

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     Christmas cookies.  Egg nog.  Cheese.  Wine.  Mashed potatoes.  Gravy.  Pecan pie.  Cheesecake.  Temptation is everywhere!!!!  Although I love the holidays, it’s a time when my body starts screaming, “Enough is enough!”  One of the pitfalls I have already encountered this season is the holiday party. 

    It all starts with Halloween (see my post about that below).  Once your body recovers from the insulin shock of consuming 10 mini Mr. Goodbars, you finally get your diet back in check.  Right around the corner lurks Thanksgiving.  I didn’t do too badly this year, considering my all-time favorite meal is turkey, dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce (NOT the fake jelly kind, the real kind).  This year I ate lots of turkey and cranberries, one small spoonful of gravy, and lots of greens.  I was too premature in congratulating myself on a job well done when I realized that for dessert I myself had brought sweet potato cheesecake.  Crap.  So much for being a good girl–although I did eat a small slice, I am sure that one piece had enough fat and calories to cancel out my good deeds during dinner.

    After recovering from the overload at Thanksgiving, you only have a week or two before the Christmas get-togethers start.  This past week alone I had a book club party at my house, a Christmas party at a friend’s, a brunch date with two buddies, and my brother’s birthday party.  I managed to squeeze in two workouts this weekend (one of which was a respectable two hour workout), but it’s doubtful if I cancelled out the calorie consumption.  I tried my best to fill up on the tasty, healthy options at all the events (Kate, I need to talk to your caterer about his asparagas recipe–all I can say is “Wow!”), but even so the wine and chocolate, again, were my downfalls.

    I have decided that perhaps the best option for this time of year is to concentrate on maintaining.  There’s no way I can keep up the kind of willpower required to say no to everything tasty during the holidays.  And why should I deprive myself?  It’s no fun being the only one not having a glass (or two, or three) of wine, and constantly turning down dessert.  I’ll consider it a victory if I just don’t gain this season, and I’ll work on losing again when the party’s over!


One Response to “I Love (My Body Hates) the Holidays”

  1. TRIgirl40 Says:

    Yes, January will feel like a cleansing after all this food and drink! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.

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