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Update: My Daughter Says I’m Skinny! November 18, 2008

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    Mackenzie is now my favorite child. (lol) Last night while getting ready for bed, she said, “Mommy, did you do something different?  You look younger, and you look like you’ve lost, like, ten pounds!  And your hair is different too!”  (I’d just flat ironed it yesterday, so I DID look less like an electrocuted groundhog in a rainstorm.)

     Comments like that are what keep me going some days.  I must be doing something right…Friday night Jeff said I looked like I’d lost a lot of weight (personally, I think it was my fave black pants I’d just reacquainted myself with after a six month hiatus, but I’m not one to look a gift horse, etc.)  But two comments in one weekend had me thinking….maybe I am getting it right, finally.

     I have noticed that a lot of my pants are looser.  The lower half has always been my “problem area” (don’tcha just love all that body lingo I’m sure some MAN made up).  Take note of my running skirt post.  The great thing about plugging away at an honest attempt at diet/exercise is that eventually, maybe not overnight, but eventually  things do start to rearrange themselves.  I have noticed that my upper half hasn’t changed all that much in size, but has gotten a lot firmer.  That’s saying something when you’re over 40!  It’s my lower half that always stubbornly maintains that it is unwilling or unable to get rid of any excess weight until all the fat on my upper half has given up the ghost.  Include boobs here.  Life isn’t fair when slimming your booty means kissing your boobies goodbye.

     One day I am going to be crazy brave enough to post a bikini picture here.  I will be at least five pounds closer to my goal, waxed, tanned, and maybe even drunk (well of course I will need at least an entire bottle of prosecco to get up that much nerve!) but I promise to do so…so stay tuned on that one.  In the meantime, maybe I will get my favorite daughter to take a pic of my midline. 🙂

     I’ve had two glasses, so here goes:img_3228


3 Responses to “Update: My Daughter Says I’m Skinny!”

  1. kate o Says:

    That hard work is paying dividends! Good job.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a great T’giving and good luck w/ sir lame-o post-op this weekend.

  2. cyndi Says:

    Damn, girl! That’s a lot of room in those pants!! Great job!!!

  3. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    You look amazing! And you have an excuse to go shopping.

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