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$%^&*@ Halloween Candy November 3, 2008

  The title says it all.  After slaving, torturing myself, abstaining staying away from good eats for over a month, I hit the slippery slope of bingeing on Halloween candy Friday evening.  I just can’t say no to Mr. Goodbar (no, Jeff, I’m not talking about you!), or peanut M & Ms.  Unfortunately, my stash of goodies for trick-or-treaters contained both.

   As we only had four tricksters this year, that left lots of carbo calories sitting around my home and pantry.  I tried my best not to think about that chocolatey, peanutty goodness calling my name, but I fell prey to one of the pitfalls of watching one’s diet.  That old “I’ve been so good, one little bag won’t hurt me” lie we tell ourselves.  As luck would have it, that one little bag of peanut M & Ms led to me divebombing falling into a three day food fest.

   If the candy weren’t enough, that permission slip I gave myself to carbo-overload led to pita chips and hummus, tortillas (chips and  wraps), more candy, lots of wine, bread, more candy, lots more wine…you get the picture.  I spent the weekend in my sweats or loosest jeans, mortified at myself and what I’d allowed to happen.  How could  I have let so much hard work go to waste?  How could I not have stopped myself earlier? 

   Well, I am human, after all.  I know that in the past, I would have let such a binge unravel everything I’d set out to accomplish…including not worrying about getting back on the diet  lifestyle change I had embarked upon.  You know, I’ve already screwed up so why keep trying.  This time will be different, I vow.

   All is not lost, though.  This morning I put on a pair of khakis to take Madeline to St. Margaret’s…and they were actually still loose!   Really loose.  Hmmmm.  Maybe a binge day every once in a while is not an awful thing.  Maybe it’s a way to allow myself some of the usually off-limits goodies I don’t have on training days. 

   It’s back to regular training this week.  I have added some more carbs into my diet this month (good carbs, NOT candy carbs), enough to fuel the cardio part of my workouts.  The weight-training still sucks is hard, but I have cut down on my two hour lifting days.  If it can’t be done in an hour, I just don’t want to do it!

   Note to self….next year buy now-or-laters, sweet tarts, lollipops, maybe even candy corn.  I won’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole.  And it might even have a side effect.  We might not get another trick-or-treater…EVER!




2 Responses to “$%^&*@ Halloween Candy”

  1. TRIgirl40 Says:

    Sounds like the little slip wasn’t a slip at all. I’ve read recently that occasional binges can actually be good for your metabolism, though it sounds too good to be true.

  2. SusieQ Says:

    You don’t want to deny yourself of all yummy treats. One of my friends once said that, “A piece of chocolate at the end of a meal is like a period at the end of a sentence.” Wise friend!

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