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Go, Sarah, Go! October 20, 2008

This past week, a friend and I (thanks, Lynn!) made it to a historic event right here in Richmond, VA.  Lynn and I are both pretty huge Sarah Palin fans.  When I heard that Sarah was coming to a rally near me, I jumped on the free tickets like a spider monkey on speed.

At this point, I hope my democratic buddies have not clicked off in disgust.  (Some of us had a pretty entertaining debate this past week at book club)  Even if you despise her, you gotta admit that she kicks ass and takes names.  Yes, I know she’s conservative.  Yes, I know she’s pro-choice.  Yes, I know that supposedly she paid trappers to trap wolves (hello…they live in Alaska where wolves are predators.  I realize that, to some, they are furry cute creatures, but to some in her home state the exploding population  causes major problems!) 

I also know that she says what she means, and means what she says.  To some people I’ve spoken with recently, they say that this quality of “in your face” turns them off.  I say that I think it’s refreshing to see a politician actually carry out what they say they are going to do, regardless of obstacles.  I also appreciate the fact that she took Alaska’s big oil companies to task, and turned tax profits back over to the people. 

Did she come out of nowhere to get the VP spot on McCain’s ticket?  Hmmm.  I guess you could also argue that Obama came out of nowhere to claim the democratic presidential nomination!  Yes, she’s a relative unknown in Washington.  (Again, see above note re: Obama)   I, however, think that she alone has made executive decisions regarding taxes, the economy, big business, etc.  Senators simply vote on proposed bills.  And I still think that voting “present” doesn’t count.

Then there’s the whole “She’s a mom of five kids.  What’s she thinking about?” debate.  Personally, I love seeing a woman do it all.  Why is it that people think she’s a poor mother when her husband has quit his job as a commercial fisherman to stay at home and raise the kids while she pursues her dream?  Nobody blinked an eye when past presidents had five, ten, or even more! (Thomas Jefferson–six; William Henry Harrison–ten; John Tyler–fifteen (!); Franklin D. Roosevelt–six; etc.)  Everyone expected  their wives to stay at home and raise the kids.  Why is Todd Palin considered unqualified for the job just because he has cojones instead of mammary glands???

Also, as someone who once thought she was carrying a downs syndrome baby, I know the difficult decision she faced when confronting that painful reality.  I applaud  her decision to carry the pregnancy to term, and use her firsthand knowledge to help other special needs children across the U.S.  It is not a political platform….it is her life.

Even though she sometimes seems larger than life on t.v., in reality she was very tiny in person.  She appears to be about 5’4 or 5’5, but she looks like a size 1/2.  Must be all that running (she completed the Anchorage, Alaska’s Humpy Marathon in a blazing 3:59:36–fourth in her age group, and also clocked a 10K at 49:01!).  With all that commitment and endurance, not to mention morals and ethics, I’d say she’d make a better VP than her predecessors (Dan Quayle, anyone?).

Whether you love her or hate her, you must admit that she packs a strong punch and that she’s a force to be reckoned with.  Not to mention she has great taste in killer pumps!


3 Responses to “Go, Sarah, Go!”

  1. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    I read the post all the way through! Hope you were OK with the book club debate. Gotta respect her run times. And I totally agree on the shoes. 😉

  2. fitatfortyplus Says:

    I say we elect her president and to hell with McCain!

  3. Lynn Says:

    Let the record show that this independent also saw Obama at his first apperance in the capital city. I do have a soft spot for strong, independent women (thank you mom, granny, friends and TriGirls).

    I heart you Denise…

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