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Weekend News: Feet, Fat, and a Fair September 29, 2008

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   How’s that for a titillating title?  I was sitting here tonight contemplating my weekend in review, and it occurred to me that I could sum up my problems with three f-words (get your mind out of the gutter!).  I was referring to bad feet, too much fat in my diet, and a weekend fair at my daughters’ school. 

   Let’s start with the feet.  I am one of those warped individuals who actually enjoys running–particularly running outside in the fall of the year.  The solitude, the cool weather, the lack of humidity-  all combine to give me that zen feeling.  Unfortunately the zen feeling becomes more of a knife in the big toe joint when you have arthritis.  I did get some running in this week, but the change in air pressure of a cold/warm front moving in always makes my symptoms worse.  Needless to say, I spent my cardio time on the stationary bike or on the treadmill, and it wasn’t in running mode.

   Then there was the diet.  Nothing too major there, still sticking to the low carb rules-  mostly lean meat, veggies, etc.  But I felt hungry ALL the time.  Hopefully, it’s because the metabolism is starting to speed up, but you never know.  And when I get hungry, I have to eat or get major headaches.  Rather than snack on chips, or white flour comfort foods (which I always succumbed to in the past), I continued to eat almonds and lowfat cheese sticks.  I think the problem is, though, that you’re only supposed to eat a small handful of nuts (not a half can) and one cheese stick (not two or three).  I know I overdid it some, but I was too afraid to step on the scale to see the damage done.  As usual, I must reevaluate, and try to stick to the plan a bit better this coming week.

  Finally, this weekend was the Aylett Country Day School Country Fair.  It is a required event for Aylett children to work at, as they get Monday off from school.  As one of the school’s major fundraising events of the year, parents are also required to get in on the action.  Two glazed fruit pies later (donated to the baked goods booth), I am feeling proud that I did not sample (much) while baking.  Then, the morning of the fair, I went in to do my duty- three hours at the children’s games and rides ticket booth.  By the time I was done, I could have blazed through the entire allotment of food at the fair- hotdogs, hamburgers, chili, funnel cakes, french fries, the aforementioned baked goods, you name it.  I didn’t do too badly for lunch- a small cup of chili.  But then someone didn’t show for their time in the drinks booth, so you-know-who volunteered.  Of course, by this time I had walked around for another three hours and was starving again.  Mackenzie bought brownies, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Flour and sugar in one fell swoop.  Definitely NOT on the bodybuilding checklist. 

   Not a great weekend foodwise, but had two great workouts anyway.  Even spent some quality time spinning the old cycle with Ironman hubby– currently nursing an ankle injury and pretty bummed out himself about the likelihood that he won’t be able to burn up the Richmond Marathon course this November.  Hopefully, we will both be on track for better things in a month.


5 Responses to “Weekend News: Feet, Fat, and a Fair”

  1. SusieQ Says:

    You are so dedicated. I’m really impressed by your eating willpower!
    What’s wrong with Jeff? Tell him he is not alone 😦

  2. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    You know, I was just talking to someone the other day about arthritis in the toe and how painful it was for running – ouch!

    Your dieting willpower is amazing – can you send me some of that?

  3. dwyatt64 Says:

    Well, as you saw in the fair section, I lost a little bit of it (brownies….) Back on the bandwagon for the next week to see how it goes!

  4. Debbie Jo Says:

    I need to talk to you about that arthritis! Any remedies that have worked?

  5. dwyatt64 Says:

    I’ll email you what my podiatrist recommends….good to hear from you, Debbie Jo!

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