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Muscles, Muscles, Wherefore Art Thou, Muscles? September 24, 2008

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   As anyone knows who has undertaken the torture, hell challenge that is bodybuilding, muscles don’t come easy.  And they certainly don’t come quickly.  Observe:  two weeks on a crappy diet (no pasta, bread, starch to speak of), daily workouts consisting of at least one hour of pumping heavier than usual weights for five sets instead of three, and at least three/four days of strenous cardio….I half expected to be sporting Arnold-size muscles by now.  But NO.  I can barely discern any noticeable difference in my bicep size.  My hams and quads continue to jiggle, only slightly less than before.  My booty is smaller…yes, Jeff noticed that one.  Could it be that I will have to (gasp) actually work a little harder at this?  I guess since I stay at home I could do cardio five days a week.  I suppose that those ten pound weights could be fifteen by now.  But hell, no, I won’t give up my wine/prosecco/sparkling sanity-keeping tonic anytime soon.   I know that they say that the fruit of the vine is not conducive to getting “ripped”, but a life without vino is more like getting ripped off.  I will tweak my cardio and weights accordingly, but friends, I won’t give in on the wine.  Those muscles will come eventually, maybe just not as quickly as I had imagined.


One Response to “Muscles, Muscles, Wherefore Art Thou, Muscles?”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Hey Denise!!! Thanks for the well wishes for Kelsey! And LOOK AT YOU, hottie! Love the Brazil pic! And, I love your blog!! I think you should add a weekly picture update so we can see you as you progress!

    As far as the vino — I’m so glad to see that you have your priorities in order!! I have yet to find a reason good enough to give up wine!! Well, okay, there was pregnancy but other than having to sustain the life of another human being, there is NO reason to abstain from the nectar of the Gods!!

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