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Running Skirts: A Fat-Bottomed Girl’s Workout Attire September 22, 2008

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  First thing this morning I got my kids’ breakfast started, woke them up, chatted over breakfast, drill sargeanted them into dressing in their school uniforms, got the snacks/lunches thing done, got them to their bus stop, did two loads of laundry, did yesterday’s dirty dishes (see below, multipurpose hats comment), and FINALLY got ready to do my three mile run for cardio today.  I went to my dresser full of workout clothing and pulled out one of my newer purchases– a running skirt. 

I discovered the pleasures of the running skirt at the expo for the Shamrock Half this spring in Virginia Beach (hubby’s race, not mine).  Don’t you just love expos?  All that workout gear and running merchandise just calling, “buy me, buy me”.  Usually I can abstain, but this one booth reached out and nabbed me as I walked by.  Skirtsports’ booth was being mobbed by girls like me–rather normal-looking, with actual hips and (dare I say it?) ASSES!  Now, of course my husband says he loves me just the way I am, but a runner I do NOT look like.  I am short, muscular, and I’ll be honest, a fat-bottomed girl.  So, I moseyed on up to the booth, and dropped a little over 80 bucks on the hottest little fuschia/turquoise combo you ever saw.  We were in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to try it out there, but it made its impression the first run I made in it. 

 Since then, I have scouted out various skirts/skorts, on the lookout for more cuts and colors.  Only later did I discover that the so-called “skirt culture” was such a hot topic among women (and men) runners.  When my August copy of Runner’s World mag arrived, lo and behold the feature story was on the pros and cons of this “skirt culture”.  What’s not to like?  They are cute, comfortable, colorful, and yep, even a little sexy.  Imagine my surprise when the pie diagram included in the article noted that 50% of runners polled said that they had never, and would never, run in a skirt.  (Must make note of tiny print here…poll said it was not restricted to women.  Duh.  Could that have skewed their results?)  25% said they’d consider it, 13% wear them occasionally, 11% wear them all the time, and 1% had tried it but wouldn’t again. 

Personally, I love mine.  I have collected a few, and I do wear them when I run.  I would LOVE to wear those cute little nylon running shorts as well, but I have had to face the fact that they are not cut for someone with a bountiful bedonkidonk and tiny waist.  If I had to buy running shorts (even elastic-waisted versions), to fit my rear, inevitably the waist is so big it hangs.  The running skirt solved my dilemma.  My skirts are cut A-line to flow over my rounded parts, yet not hang at my waist.  They are even a little lowrise, so they hit right at the hip and look stylin’.  My favorites are from (the gymgirl classic in sapphire blue), (the chocopink running skirt), and or (the bonita run skirt, which I have in several colors like limelight). 

This summer, I swished across the finish line at the West Point Chester Puller Twin Bridge 10K.  The lady who was checking bib numbers yelled out, “Hey, I love that skirt, where’d you get it?  That’s so cute!”  So I grinned today as I donned one of my little favorites and pounded out my mileage.  And I looked damn cute doing it.


7 Responses to “Running Skirts: A Fat-Bottomed Girl’s Workout Attire”

  1. Lynn Says:

    You look damn cute doing everything. You go girl!

  2. TRIgirl 40 Says:

    I love this idea – and can see how cute they are – but to be honest, there is still something wrong with my waist/hip-butt ratio or I haven’t found the right skirt as the few I have tried looked cute when I started but would eventually roll down my waist and hang down between my legs as they clung to my big ole butt and thighs.

  3. kate o Says:

    You look better in the skirt than he-who-shall-not-be-named. Welcome to the blogosphere! Ooooh oooh oooh, AND I made your list of friends. Yey. Your welcome on the earring. I’m glad it made it back to its rightful owner.

  4. Susie Says:

    I’m with you – love those skirts! They look cute on guys, too – especially in Brazil. 🙂

  5. fitatfortyplus Says:

    I have to be the odd man (woman) out-the running skirt looks horrible on me! I have long legs that are slightly (shut up Denise) bowed and the skirt just exaggerates that on me. I am jealous of those who can wear them, though, because my spandex shorts are always climbing straight up my (BLEEP!)

  6. denisermt Says:

    Funny, I just bought my first running skirt today at Target for the Race for the Cure. It’s black with pink trim, of course! It will go so well with my Moms on the Go sport cami! I think the skirt and cami may be showing a little to much flesh though. Oh well! I’m taking my running skirt for a test run tomorrow morning. 😉

    Do you run in sport camis? They are fabulous!!! I highly recommend them!

    BTW…I love expos too! I discovered the SPI belt at the Minnie Marathon expo. Have you seen the SPI belt yet? So cool! I want one!

  7. dwyatt64 Says:

    Generally I run in sport bras. It’s great when you’re an A-cup, you can go in practically anything! As for the spi belt, I need one. When I go to races, I find myself hiding my car keys, etc. behind a car tire or something so I can run without anything on me!

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