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One Compliment is Worth a Thousand Lunges September 22, 2008

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   Have you ever had one of those days where, no matter how much you try, nothing seems to go right?  I get so tired of trying to wear the multipurpose hat:  mom, wife, laundress, chauffeur, housekeeper (yeah, I drop that hat alot!), judge, sexpot (my husband loves that hat) etc. etc. etc.  I was feeling pretty overwhelmed recently.  I didn’t get the workouts in this weekend that I wanted to.  I didn’t cook the meals I wanted to.  I didn’t get in my run.  But something happened that I will probably return to again and again when I need a little pick me up.  A total stranger driving a bus stopped and opened the doors.  (Okay, I know what you’re thinking…perv!!)  But no, this was a female bus driver I had seen around.  She stopped and said something to me that I will pull out and feel good over for a long time.  She told me she had seen me the day before, and wanted me to know that she thought I had the tannest, most muscular legs she had ever seen; she just wanted to stop and let me know.  She asked me if I worked out all the time to look like that.  Well!  I wish I could say no, that I was genetically blessed like that, but I didn’t.  I said thank you so much, and yes, I do have to work out a lot.  She made my whole weekend.  I don’t usually speak to strangers, but I am so glad that I walked over to hear what she had to say.  The next time I am doing those effing lunges, I will remember my new mantra:  One compliment is worth a thousand lunges!


One Response to “One Compliment is Worth a Thousand Lunges”

  1. cfrancine27 Says:

    I agree. All it takes to help us hang in there is a small compliment. I’m a non-traditional college student and many young women on campus cannot believe I have two daughters their ages. I believe running and other workouts are the reason why. Of course, the wrinkles forming at the side of my eyes cannot be toned with a good run – darn!

    Nice site. I just wanted to say so and to invite you to stop by my blog. Comments welcome.


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