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Gaining While Training September 16, 2008

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   After my last post, I was a little down on myself that I’d fallen off the bodybuilding bandwagon, so to speak.  So, I upped my ass into high gear yesterday and did cardio and weights for over two hours.  Imagine my chagrin when I stepped onto the scale only to find out that over the last week or so I’d gained two pounds!  I was in tears.  I mean, how in the crap is life fair when you’re eating oatmeal, salad, lean meat, veggies, egg whites, etc., and working out to boot, only to find out that when you step on the scale you have not only NOT lost any weight, but you’ve actually gained?  I did admit to the glass of wine and one martini (believe you me, I could have downed a full bottle after the scale episode), but a glass of wine and one raspberry martini do not 6,000 calories make!  Then my husband came home to hear my bitching complaints.  Let me remind you that he is Ironman personified.  He tried to calm my fears by rationalizing that more than likely I had weighed at a different time of day, and being female, it was probably water gain, not fat.  Well, bitchslap me into oblivion.  I guess I forgot that mother nature was soon to come calling.  So, I downed as much liquid as I could muster (sans the alcoholic kind), and started visiting the little girl’s necessary room about fifty times.  Looks like Big Daddy was right again.  (And doesn’t that just piss me off!) Just kidding–I know he’s reading this:-)


3 Responses to “Gaining While Training”

  1. SusieQ Says:

    Wow! Very impressive fitness plan – you have way more self-control than me!

  2. dwyatt64 Says:

    LOL–it was all Jeff’s idea. I am getting a little tired of salad w/ turkey, chicken, or tuna. And I WON’T give up my wine! today was just a two hour workout. Sigh.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Way to go…..My motivation has not regained any momentum since Afghanistan. But I’m getting there.. good luck and great web page!!!!!

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