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Day 1–Completed! September 10, 2008

Vitamins–check.  Creatine–check.  Protein powder–check.  Essential fatty acids–say what???  This bodybuilding stuff has more “supplements” than the Sunday paper.  I never knew that I’d have to ingest so much more than just regular ol’ food.  This morning’s breakfast was quite interesting.  It’s very hard to get creative with steel cut oats and egg whites.  Yum.  How do people do this day in and day out?  After one day I am already worried about breakfasts of the future.  On , the suggestion is to stick with tried and true oats, egg whites, cream of wheat, and not much else.  I think I will have to get trendy with salsa, veggies, and eggs.  Otherwise, I can see getting oatmeal burnout.  Lunch was better.  Salad is hard to mess up, but I did get to add lean chicken, black beans, and some feta.  Not bad with a little red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil drizzled on for taste.  Dinner was fabulous.  We grilled some very lean top sirloin (okay, I cheated a little and marinaded it in some light teriyaki!), then steamed some broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, and garlic.  Topped with a little parmesan, it wasn’t half bad.  My hubby also had a baked sweet potato, so he had his carbs for his workout tomorrow.  I followed the training for day one, 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, and 45 minutes of five sets of weight exercises.  I managed to pop my pills (again, what the heck is essential fatty acids?  Is someone playing a bad joke on me?), creatine, carnitine, and downed two protein shakes.  I can feel the muscles sprouting already.


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